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Jeffrey R. Lapides, Ph.D.


I work with data of all kinds to find hard to identify patterns and relationships. I specialize in using unsupervised machine learning algorithms, Monte Carlo techniques and graph theoretics. Principally, I focus on life sciences and medical data, especially data from microbiome and genome measurements. I also use have worked extensively scientific document classification.

I have analyzed the microbiomes of over 7,000 human subjects and hundreds of animals, the medical records of over 70,000 patients, and  tens of thousands of scientific documents. I have also recently worked with transcriptomic data of animals with viral infections.


The techniques that I use are not limited to the types of data described above. They are applicable to everything.

I will be happy to share examples of my work that could be relevant to your analytical challenges. Please feel free to get in touch.

We recently completed a manuscript on the Microbiome of Alzheimer's Disease, Evidence for the Existence of a Bacterial Etiology for Alzheimer’s Disease and for a Temporal-Spatial Development of a Pathogenic Microbiome in the Brain,  which is posted on bioRxiv. You may download a preprint here too.

Current Work

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